The Office of Reparations and Economic Development (ORED) is white solidarity with black power institutions! The African People’s Socialist Party is building a worldwide anti-colonial economy. Join us in a principled relationship through reparations!

Building a future without oppressed and oppressor

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), Vanguard party of the African working class is following in the footsteps of the Marcus Garvey Movement of 100  years ago, creating a liberated African economy.

“We are breaking free from economic and political dependency on a parasitic capitalist system built on slavery, genocide and colonial plunder of African, Indigenous and all oppressed people”

– APSP Chairman Omali Yeshitela, founder and leader of the Uhuru Movement


Under the leadership of APSP Deputy Chair Ona Zené Yeshitela, the Uhuru Movement has created over 50 programs and institutions for self-determination and economic development in the hands of the African working class community.

This is the economic foundation of the liberated African nation!

Black Power Blueprint transforming North St. Louis

Uhuru House African Community Center

One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace garden and special events venue

Working in Solidarity with Uhuru Movement institutions

Black Star Industries’ Uhuru Foods & Pies

Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles

Black Power Blueprint projects

ORED stands for reparations in action!

Join white people working in solidarity in Uhuru Movement institutions! You can be part of building a liberated African economy!

Taking a stand for reparations with the Uhuru Movement institutions is revolutionary work to overturn our violent history as Euro-Americans.

We stole African people, their labor and Africa itself. We committed genocide against the Indigenous people, stole their land and plundered the resources of the world. This built a parasitic system of wealth and power for the white world at the expense of African and all colonized people.

Join the work of ORED

“Our legacy is in unity with self-determination for African and oppressed people.

“It is a profound honor to participate as solidarity under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party to build a future of liberation for African people and all of humanity!”

– ORED Director Kitty Reilly, African People’s Solidarity Committee