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  • More than 54 percent of HIV/AIDS cases diagnosed in 2002 were among African people who are 10 times more likely to die of the disease than white people.
  • Life expectancy for African men is 62.9 years a�� more than six years less than white men.
  • African infant mortality in the U.S. is 2.5 times higher than for white babies: 13.6 per 1000 births vs 5.7 per 1000 for whites.
  • The African infant mortality rate in Washington DC is more than twice as high as infant mortality in Beijing, China.
  • An African male child born in Washington DC has less of a chance of surviving to his first birthday than a child born in parts of India.
  • An African male child in the U.S. is twice as likely as a white child to die before reaching the age of 20.
  • 41 percent of African children are hungry.

Impact of prison, unemployment, colonialism

  • More than half of the 5.6 million African boys live in fatherless households, 40 percent of which are impoverished.
  • More black men earn their high school equivalency diplomas in prison each year than graduate from college.
  • African men are incarcerated at rates 8 times higher than white men.
  • One in every 100 adults in America is now behind bars.
  • One in 8 black men in their 20s are now in prison or jail on any given day.
  • Nearly 5,000 black men are in prison per every 100,000 black men vs for white men 736 per 100,000.
  • 72 percent of drug users are white yet Africans constitute 36.8 percent of all those arrested for drug violations and over 42 percent of those in federal prisons for drug violations and 58 percent in state prisons for drug felonies.
  • White people are less likely than African people to be sent to prison. 33 percent of convicted white defendants received a prison sentence, while 51 percent of African defendants went to prison.
  • 13 percent of African men of voting age in 2000 are disenfranchised because of felony convictionsa��1.4 million African men.
  • One in four African men has not worked for at least a year, twice the proportion of white males and Latinos.
  • 2008 true unemployment rates for a�?inner-citya�? teenagers: Washington DC: 86 percent; Chicago: 85 percent; Detroit and New York: 82 percent.
  • Wall Street bankers and predatory lenders consciously targeted the African and Mexican communities for risky, high-cost subprime mortgages. By using these mortgages as security bonds to reinvest in the world banking system, bankers made trillions of dollars. Instead of strategies to uplift the African community out of deep poverty they lured African workers into expensive loans even if they could afford fixed rate loans. Now African people are losing their homes by the millions. As white bankers lose money they are being bailed out by the Fed, the government and by tax payers to maintain their lifestyle.
  • Total loss of wealth through subprime mortgage scam for African and Latino community up to $213 billiona��greatest loss of wealth for a�?non-white peoplea�? in modern U.S. history.
  • Prior to subprime crisis it would take African people in U.S. 594 years to achieve economic parity with white people. The current crisis would extend that to 5,423 years!
  • The average African family earns just 60 percent of the average white family.
  • Median net worth of average African household is about $6000 vs average white household which has 14 times as much wealtha��more than $88,000.