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Obamaa��s political advisors:

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Obamaa��s main political advisor, imperialist warmonger; National Security Advisor under President Carter; founder of the Trilateral Commission; orchestrated the war against progressive government in Afghanistan in 1970s and created the modern Jihad; author of the chilling National Security Council Memo 46 which aims to prevent the unity of African people in Africa and the African community in the U.S., calls for deepening social divisions in the African community and continues the 1960s COINTELPRO attack on the African Liberation Movement.

Anthony Lake: Obamaa��s Foreign Policy advisor; National Security Advisor under President Clinton; Nominated by Clinton for head of CIA; Orchestrated Clintona��s invasion of Haiti; brought Haitia��s President Aristide back to Haiti in chains to IMF/World Bank policies, forcing him to be isolated from the movement of the people.

Susan Rice: Obamaa��s Africa Advisor; Clinton administration Africa specialist; headed up covert military logistical aid to neocolonial forces fighting against Congoa��s Laurent Kabila and probably instigated his assassination; strong advocate for the Aug. 20, 1998 bombing of the pharmaceutical plant in Sudan.

Obamaa��s financial advisors and staff:

Austan Goolsbee: Obamaa��s Economic Advisor; Professor at the University of Chicagoa��s conservative business school; ideologue of a�?free tradea�? policies; supports NAFTA and other free trade agreements which deeply impoverish farmers and producers in colonized countries; in a 2007 New York Times opinion piece he disputed whether “subprime lending was the leading cause of foreclosure problems,” and defended the targeting of African and Latino homeowners for subprime, stating a�?the existence and spread of subprime lending helps explain the drastic growth of homeownership for these same groups.a�?

Jason Furman: Obama Economic Policy Director; centrist; supporter of free trade; supporter of Wal-mart; ProtA�gA� of Wall Street insider, Citibank head and Clintona��s Secretary of the Treasury, Robert Rubin; considered to be an assurance to Wall Street that an Obama presidency will be subservient to the interests of the big banks.

Penny Pritzker: Obamaa��s Finance Chair; heir to Hyatt Hotel fortune; one of the key bankers who designed, packaged and launched the sub-prime mortgage to Wall Street investment bank Merrill Lynch; she convinced people who had fixed mortgages to convert to subprime; Pritzkera��s Superior Bank defaulted in 2001 due to subprime investment and shady practices; bank customers lost all their money while the Pritzker family walked away with millions of dollars.

Obamaa��s financial backers:

  • One third of Obamaa��s record breaking contributions of nearly $400 million have come from donations of $1,000 or morea��a total of $112 million, more than McCain or Hillary Clinton.
  • Obama has more than 500 a�?bundlers,a�? professional fundraisers and lobbyists who each collected a minimum of $50,000.
  • Two thirds of Obamaa��s bundlers come from law, securities and investments, real estate and entertainment.
  • At least 100 Obama bundlers are top executives or brokers from investment firms; nearly two dozen work for Wall Street giants like Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs or Citigroups; about 40 others come from the real estate industry.
  • Obama gets more donations from Wall Street than any other candidate in the 08 campaign.

Obama in Chicago:

  • Obamaa��s 13th District is the most impoverished African community in Chicago. During Obamaa��s 8 years of representing District 13 poverty, foreclosures, police brutality and unemployment have increased.
  • The 13th District is the home of police captain Jon Burge accused of torture over a 20 year span of more than 200 African men, women and children. Torture included electric shocks to their genitals. Burge was finally fired but Obama never denounced him.
  • City of Chicago paid out $51 million in 2007 alone in police brutality settlements.

Obama Positions:

  • Would a�?bomb Pakistana�? and a�?withdraw from Iraq and redeploy to Afghanistan.a�?
  • Says he is a�?against the Iraq war,a�? but voted for every Bush war funding increase.
  • Supports border wall against Mexico.
  • Came out against reparations to the African community.
  • Has said the least of all candidates about the sub-prime/foreclosure crisis especially as it has affected the African community.
  • Stated to Israeli lobby that he would do anything to help Israel and denounced the struggle of the Palestinian people.
  • Used Fathera��s Day to make a virulent attack on African fathers.
  • Upheld New Yorka��s acquittal of the killer cops in the case of Sean Bell, an unarmed African man murdered by police with more than 50 bullets.
  • Promised to continue the U.S. embargo against Cuba.