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“Why I'm a member”

“I want to be part of changing the legacy that white people have. Just below the veneer of our comfortable lifestyle is plain evidence of slavery and genocide. Reparations now!”

– Stephanie M.

“I pledge my allegiance to African workers and peasants worldwide as they rebuild Africa for themselves.”

– Johann B.

“African people brought civilization to the world and have always fought to build self-sustaining collective societies based on humane and positive values.”

– Sandy T.
Every 28 hours an African is gunned down by police or white vigilantes in this country. Ita��s time we say, a�?Not in our name! Not one more black life! I refuse to be silent!a��a�?

– Jesse N.

“APSC lets white people be part of the movement to end imperialism and build a world where nobody lives at anothera��s expense.”

– Lisa W.