If you’re not able to travel to Florida for the “Unity Through Reparations” 2018 APSC National Conference, organize a viewing party of the live broadcast!

Here are the steps to organize your viewing party:

  1. Set the date and time
    We recommend Sunday, January 7, from 9:30am to at least 3:30pm so that your group can participate in the reparations appeal. If you can go through the rest of the day’s program that ends at 8:30pm, that would be excellent.
  2. Find and secure a venue
  3. Set a fundraising goal
  4. Ideally, win 2 other people to join your viewing party organizing committee to fill roles of:
    1. Social Media Coordinator
    2. Info & Ed Coordinator
    3. Phonebanking Coordinator
    4. Treasurer
  5. Promote your event [Sample content for online promotions]
    1. Create an EventBrite event so people can register to attend
    2. Create a Facebook Event
    3. Create and send an email invitation and reminders
    4. Post to online calendars (Evensi, etc.)
    5. Phonebanking
    6. Create and distribute leaflets [SAMPLE LEAFLET]
  6. Plan your Viewing Party Fundraising Appeal
  7. Follow up with attendees after the event