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A Worldwide Movement for African Liberation

The Uhuru Movement was formed by and is led by Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party and is based on the principles of African Internationalism.

Omali Yeshitela's theory of African Internationalism is based on an understanding of capitalism as a "parasitic system that was born from the enslavement of African people and the oppression of colonized peoples worldwide."

Yeshitela defines African Internationalism as a revolutionary theory through which political movements struggling to promote African liberation can understand society and social life.

African Internationalism offers a revolutionary theory that "unites the African people of the world in a revolutionary process to liberate Africa under the leadership of African workers and poor peasants."

This concept links revolutionary movements in the continent of Africa and political movements that emerged "from within the colonized African population in the U.S."

The Uhuru Movement is made up of several organizations that are working on diverse political fronts for the liberation of all African people everywhere.


African People's Socialist Party

The African People’s Socialist Party is uniting African people worldwide on many fronts to win back Africa for African people. The programs and campaigns of the African People's Socialist Party, shown on this page, are supported by your contributions to the African Liberation Solidarity Campaign.

Learn more about the African People's Socialist Party at www.apspuhuru.org.

African Socialist International (ASI)

Touch One! Touch All!

The African Socialist International (ASI) brings African people together into one worldwide organization under the slogan Touch One! Touch All! to destroy the colonial borders that divide Africa and to regain control of Africa's vast natural resources for African people everywhere. The African Socialist International is building rapidly. A well attended West African Regional Conference was held in October 2008. Regional conferences in East Africa, Southern Africa, the U.K. and North America are scheduled for spring of 2009.

Uhuru News

Freedom of the press belongs to those own the press.

Uhuru News is the voice of the African working class. It creates an infrastructure for African people to speak for themselves, write and tell their own true history and connect with earth other, and organize to transform Africa.

Read The Burning Spear at UhuruNews.com

Listen to Uhuru Radio every Sunday 8 am to 5 pm EST or listen to the archives.

All African People's Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP)

The All African People's Development and Empowerment Project is developing programs led and coordinated by African working people from throughout the world to transform Africa and African life, and solve the problems of the lack of electricity, water and an economic infrastructure.

AAPDEP Director Dr. Aisha Fields went to Sierra Leone earlier in 2008 with a contingent of engineers and health care workers. They initiated a water purification project and a clinic. In addition, engineers are working with a community agriculture project in Zimbabwe, where construction a bore hole is underway.

African Internationalist Student Organization

Student wing of the African People's Socialist Party. "Education for Liberation and Unification"

International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement

InPDUM is a mass organization of the Uhuru Movement open to people of all nationalities who will work to defend the democratic rights of the African community.

Uhuru Tours

Booking speaking events for Omali Yeshitela, and other tours of the Uhuru Movement.

African People's Education and Defense Fund

The African People’s Education and Defense Fund is a nonprofit foundation with institutions and programs that address the grave disparities in health, education and economic development faced by the African community.

African People's Solidarity Committee

The African People’s Solidarity Committee works under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party which leads the Uhuru Movement.

APSC fundraises and is active in bringing campaigns of the Uhuru Movement into white communities on local and national levels. Campaigns in support of African community demands for an end to police brutality and massive imprisonment, and for economic development, reparations and justice for African people everywhere, are key to APSC’s work.


Uhuru Foods

Uhuru foods is an active, all-volunteer foods concession that is a fundraiser for the work of the Uhuru Movement.

Burning Spear Uhuru Publications

Order online the most updated publications of the African People’s Socialist Party, including the books of Chairman Omali Yeshitela and Overturning the Culture of Violence by Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People’s Solidarity Committee.

Chairman Omali Yeshitela

Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party and leader of the Uhuru Movement

Burning Spear Marketplace

Order The Burning Spear newspaper, CDs and DVDs, t-shirts and other products of the Uhuru Movement.