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Join the African People's Solidarity Committee

"Why I'm a member"

"I want to be part of changing the legacy that white people have. Just below the veneer of our comfortable lifestyle is plain evidence of slavery and genocide. Reparations now!"
- Stephanie M.
"I pledge my allegiance to African workers and peasants worldwide as they rebuild Africa for themselves."
- Johann B.
"African people brought civilization to the world and have always fought to build self-sustaining collective societies based on humane and positive values."
- Sandy T.
"The wealth of white society is stolen. I refuse to be complicit and I believe in the philosophy and strategy of the African Peopleís Socialist Party."
- Joel H.
"APSC lets white people be part of the movement to end imperialism and build a world where nobody lives at anotherís expense."
- Lisa W.

Thank you for your interest in the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC).

You can join this important solidarity movement working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP).

APSC builds political and material solidarity with the Uhuru Movement, which leads the struggle for African people to win self-determination and the total liberation of Africa and African people worldwide, one billion strong.

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