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Africa's Resources in African Hands

A Fundraiser for African self-reliance programs

A Day in Solidarity with African People is a fundraiser, supporting African self-reliance programs organized by the Uhuru Movement.

Touch One! Touch All! Community Electoral Politics, Democratic Rights, Social Justice Building a garden

Touch One! Touch All!

Understanding that black people are African people everywhere, the Uhuru Movement, led by the African Socialist International, has built worldwide organizations for economic and political self-reliance.

Throughout the U.S., Africa, Britain, Europe, the Caribbean, the Uhuru Movement unites African people to defend the rights of African people everywhere.

See: www.uhurumovement.org for an overview of the Uhuru Movement

Community Electoral Politics, Democratic Rights, Social Justice

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) promotes economic justice over heavy-handed policing and participates in the Black is Back Coalition, a key U.S. based African antiwar and pro- justice organization.

InPDUM runs candidates representing the interests of the black community, such as the 2011 campaign of Diop Olugbala for mayor of Philadelphia.


Community Self-Reliance
and Survival Programs

The 2011 Uhuru Freedom Summer Project in St. Petersburg, FL brought volunteers from around the country. They teamed up with local activists and African community members to plant vegetable gardens. Ten community gardens were planted during the month-long project with the goal of building a community farmer’s market.

This project is led by the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Program (AAPDEP).

Uhuru House Nurse Mary Koroma and AAPDEP Director, Dr. Aisha Fields Independent African Media

Black Community
Economic Empowerment

The Uhuru Movement has built Uhuru House community centers that house programs for political, cultural and economic empowerment.

Programs being built in St. Petersburg and Oakland include the Uhuru Jiko (Freedom Kitchen), incubator kitchens to enable African food businesses to grow.

The Uhuru Movement is also building community recording studios for the use for cultural performers.


Health, Fitness and Infant and Maternal Mortality

The Uhuru Movement has a fitness center in the low-income African community of south St. Petersburg, FL, the only such program that serves the community through a gym and educational programs.

In Sierra Leone, West Africa, the Uhuru Movement has a maternal health clinic coordinated by Nurse Mary Koroma, toured by the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project in 2011.


Independent African Media

Burning Spear Media is the independent media of the African working class, and features at its core the oldest African liberation newspaper in publication, The Burning Spear newspaper, published since 1968. Burning Spear Media includes The Spear online, UhuruNews.com and UhuruRadio.com, with live weekly broadcasts.


What about the black community, Obama? Uhuru Freedom Summer
Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations leads African antiwar mobilizations on the White House and elsewhere. The 2011 Uhuru Freedom Summer Project organized African workers and allies to build self-determination programs.