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Africa's Resources in African Hands

"To create, produce and sell the freshest natural food that raises resources supporting African self-determination and self-sustaining economic development projects. To educate the public on health, nutrition and the environment and build international relationships to acquire land and harness natural resources for production that benefit Africa and African communities worldwide."
"Uhuru Foods will be a leader in the global natural food market working in solidarity with the struggle of African people around the world for self-determination by building international brigades of supporters and members who aid in creating an economically sustainable future for Africa and African people for political independence."

The values governing Uhuru Foods and Pies development include the following:

Core Values
Our Core Values speaks and reflects who we are as an organization and company. The values do not change, they are values in which the organization was built and rest upon.  Core Values speaks to the culture that we provide to the many people who volunteer and find the work we do exciting and fulfilling. 

Uhuru Foods and Pies stand for solidarity with red, black and green sustainability and self-determination for African people everywhere.  By maintaining these core values, regardless of how large UFP become, we can always uphold what is just and right about our organization.  These core values are the character of our organization.


Food Quality
Uhuru Foods and Pies is committed to the highest standards of quality, healthy fresh foods, professionalism and respect for our clients, sponsors, volunteers and supporters that these products makes our life and health.

Quality Standards
Uhuru Foods and Pies define its values by evaluating each product for safety, taste, and nutritional content.  Uhuru Foods and Pies promote fresh healthful eating and high quality fresh healthy foods. We take the time to evaluate our ingredients for freshness, safety and taste. We pride ourselves on taste and nutrition value and appearance of all our food and products.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Uhuru Foods takes pride in providing customer satisfaction with a money-back guarantee!

Customer Service
We go the extra mile to satisfy and please our customers.  We always want to exceed expectations with every purchase of UFP.  By providing excellent customer service we turn customers into supporters for our business.  Our supporters do more than purchase from us they talk and put into action of all the great programs and projects that we promote.

Promoting the Environment and Sustainable Agriculture
Uhuru Foods/Pies promotes products and practices that are environmentally and economically sustainable, and that improve human and environmental health. As often as possible, we support and buy from farmers, growers, and workers committed to an environmentally and economically sustainable international food production and distribution system that will benefit Africa and African communities worldwide. We support and seek to build international relationships with African and indigenous farmers and communities worldwide in the advancement of self-determination. We sustain and expand the knowledge and the market for natural and organic products.  We recycle, reuse and reduce waste whenever possible.

Building Communities
Uhuru Foods is an institution of the African People’s Socialist Party USA. Uhuru Foods works in solidarity with the struggle of African people around the world for justice and liberation.  Our responsibility to the community is endless worldwide.  We participate in community service and stand with other oppressed people around the world.

Promoting the Leadership of African workers
As an institution of the African People’s Socialist Party USA, Uhuru Foods/Pies upholds and promotes the leadership of African workers,

Volunteerism and Networking
Uhuru Foods is growth is based on the participation of tens of thousands of volunteers who unite with the mission of Uhuru Foods and the right of African people to control their own destiny. Uhuru Foods works with likeminded individuals and organizations committed to ending food scarcity and hunger through peoples controlling the land and food production and food distribution.

Uhuru Foods activities, services, and programs are designed to support our mission, to develop the capacity of Uhuru Foods to its greatest potential and managed with the highest levels of professionalism and respect for our volunteers, supporters and customers.

Uhuru Foods educates the public on health issues, nutrition guides, the environment and giving back to the community. We educate on control of the land and the politics of food distribution and production.

We realize that we are responsible for our own success. As an economic development project for the work of the Uhuru Movement, Uhuru Foods and Pies represent solidarity not charity.  We take responsibility for our own success or failures and we see this as an opportunity for growth and development. 

Uhuru Foods promotes African self-reliance; we take responsibility for our own liberation.

Uhuru Foods is a nonprofit organization with the objective of creating resources for the work of the Uhuru Movement. We strive to maximize all activities, expenses and resources to create the greatest possible net income to support programs for African self-reliance and self-determination.

Team Building:

Uhuru Foods strives to build unity among our team members that produces healthy relationships throughout the organization.  Our teams are a major part of our organization through leadership development and training.  We consider all members, volunteers and workers a part of a vital part; we require participation and involvement at all levels and here are some of the ways we build our teams:

  • Attend regular meetings to discuss issues, solve problems and appreciate each other’s contributions
  • Continuous discussion of what is expected through our mission, vision and core values
  • Committed to making the job fun, by combining work and fun through competitive completion amongst our workers
  • Promotions mostly within the organization
  • Incentive programs that will improve our organization
  • Open door policies and advisory groups through increase communication and suggestions programs
  • Promoting birthdays, recognition of service with the organization, 1 year, 5 year, 10 year 15 year, etc, etc.
  • Although not as visible, we recognize and consider those members who work behind the scene an integral part of the success of our organization
  • Committed to providing training workshops to enhance the professional growth of our volunteers enabling them to carry out various job descriptions and perform in leadership capacity.
  • Committed to providing educational study to enhance the understandings of the world economy and its impact on hunger and food scarcity from the point of view of the African working class and other oppressed communities