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World Hunger: Made in the U.S. - An Uhuru Foods event
World Hunger: Made in the U.S.
The products of Uhuru Foods & Pies are only part of our story. Our annual pie fundraiser not only brings social justice to the holiday table, it also sparks discussion about the basis for our local and global relationships.

Join us in solidarity with African and other oppressed peoples as we examine how, under U.S. imperialism, food is used as a tool of coercion to control and inhibit colonized peoples from achieving self-determination over their lives, lands, and futures. Learn what is being done to challenge this system of enforced poverty and hunger! Read more...

Who We Are
Uhuru Foods Team
The work of Uhuru Foods is coordinated by the African People's Solidarity Committee, an organization formed by and working under the leadership of the Uhuru Movement to build solidarity among white people for liberation and justice for Africa and African people.


Uhuru Pies
Uhuru Pies
Uhuru Foods supports the Uhuru Pies fall holiday fundraiser for the African People's Education and Defense Fund . Since 1981, the Uhuru Pies Campaign has been a holiday tradition allowing the broadest sector of all communities to support economic development and self-reliance for African people everywhere.

Volunteering with Uhuru Foods
Located in Oakland, California and St. Petersburg, Florida, Uhuru Foods coordinates food booths at Farmer's Markets, Streetfairs and Music Festivals. We also organize an annual holiday pie campaign fundraiser.

Get involved in Oakland, CA
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Menus and Resume
Breakfast Platter
If you're organizing a street fair or fundraiser and would like Uhuru Foods as a vendor, please view our menus and resume.