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Africa's Resources in African Hands
When: May 29 7:00pm - May 29 9:00pm
Where: Oakland, CA

Venue: Humanist Hall, 290 – 27th St., Oakland (Between Broadway & Telegraph)

Wealth, Poverty & Crime in Oakland:
What's Going On?
Community Forum & Election Rally

  • White people in the Oakland hills live 17 years longer than people in the flatlands.
  • 1 in 5 households live on less than $15,000 a year.

In the face of these conditions, candidates & city officials push for a military solution to an economic problem.

Support Economic Development, Not Police Containment!

Featuring Diop Olugbala
International Organizer with the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement

Diop organized the International Tribunal for Justice for Sean Bell in New York City. He has led efforts to support the Jena 6 and other victims of attacks on the African community. Diop has also built organizations on the ground in Sierra Leone and Ghana as part of uniting African people all over the world facing the same colonial conditions to take back control over their own lives and to challenge the imposition of poverty and violence.

The future of all humanity is tied to the
liberation of African and oppressed peoples!

Don't Vote for Pat McCullough on June 3rd
No Vigilantes on City Council!

Contact the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement Oakland
(510) 569-9620, inpdum_oakland@yahoo.com, www.inpdum.org

Cosponsored by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement