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People around the country who took the Pledge of Solidarity with African People

"Why I took the Pledge"

  • Capitalism was invented by Europeans. This is a fact. African people have been exploited by whites since first contact, this is also a fact. My pale skin mocks me, despite the values and beliefs my mind holds; it is the same skin that the global oppressor wears. But it must be said, Europeans have, too, felt the sting of the capitalist's whip; Europeans too have been turned into money-making machines for the owners. Therefore, it is in solidarity with the oppressed - of all races and ethnicities - that I donate this money.
    — Daniel Cole Duncan, Greenville, TX
  • It's simple, I believe in justice, the truth and solidarity!
    — Lynn Johnson, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  • I am taking this Pledge because I am in solidarity with all people of color for peace, truth and justice. We are not free till we're all free!
    — DJ Kuttin Kandi, Chula Vista, CA
  • I have a deep passion for the African community here in San Diego. Through working with the IRC, they have become my family and have shown me true compassion and triumph through the worst of oppression.
    — Catherine Mendonca, San Diego, CA
  • In solidarity with my brothers and sisters across the world!
    — Nicole Capobianco, New York, NY
  • I feel that we live in a time of great ignorance. The reactions of certain elected officials in response to "flash mobs" in Philadelphia inspired me to seek an outlet to help correct many of the injustices we collectively turn a blind-eye to on a daily basis.
    — Daniel Kopp, Haverford, PA
  • I support standing in solidarity with people of color all over the world for reparations, justice and peace as we end the oppressive contexts of patriarchy, whiteness, homophobia and more!
    — Tony Cochran, Grants Pass, OR
  • I love your work and what you are doing for the African and African-American people!
    — John P. Falchi, San Diego, CA
  • I took the Pledge because I support better opportunities for communities of color.
    — Kate Goodman, Philadelphia, PA
  • The ethnocentrism that has plagued and pervaded the lives of countless individuals must be acknowledged, and with this Pledge of Solidarity I offer my complete support for any person who has been marginalized or discriminated against.
    — Jessica Lynn Vinson, St. Petersburg, FL
  • I believe that it is high time that we truly support the liberation of the people in the countries on the African continent as well as the Afro-American people in the USA.
    — John P. Falchi, San Diego, CA
  • It is clear to me that, as a white person, I benefit from the exploitation and oppression of African people. The wealth of white society is stolen. I refuse to be complicit and I believe in the philosophy and strategy of the African People's Socialist Party (APSP) to end this relationship and win justice and self-determination for African people. I have been participating for years in the Uhuru Solidarity Movement work building a movement of white people's reparations. I see that this is the honest response to the call for us to assume responsibility in unity with the work of the APSP.
    — Joel Hamburger, Oakland, CA
  • The greatest revolution that the world has ever seen comes soon. 1 billion Africans will rise up with fierce organized resistance that will send imperialism to its grave. The 600 year terror is ending. I take this Pledge to show my allegiance to African workers and peasants worldwide as they rebuild their nation of Africa for themselves. Freedom will reign once again.
    — Johann Bedingfield, St. Petersburg, FL
  • I take this Pledge because I believe in justice for all.
    — Amanda Bragg, U.S.
  • I am taking the Pledge because I want to stand on the side of African and all oppressed peoples, not with the brutality, genocide and theft of resources that the U.S. government commits in my name. The Uhuru Movement stands up powerfully for freedom and dignity for African people and provides inspiring leadership for all people who want to see this oppressive system come to an end. Therefore I pledge my support.
    — Dianne Tornay, Gainesville, FL
  • I want to see a world where oppressed people are free, and no society lives at the expense of another. The world is already righting itself; African, Mexican and Indigenous people everywhere will be free!
    — Zoe Hauser, St. Petersburg, FL
  • I am taking the Pledge because I believe that if we truly want peace and justice in this world, we must break from our historic complicity as white people with this system built on slavery, genocide and colonialism. We have to take the stand on the side of African and other oppressed people struggling for a world in which NO ONE benefits at the expense of anyone else.
    — Harris O. Daniels, Philadelphia, PA
  • I'm taking the Pledge to leverage my privilege as a white person for good instead of evil.
    — Greg Busse, Bensenville, IL
  • I am taking the Pledge because I do not want to live at the expense of African and other oppressed peoples of the world.
    — Kristin Gordon, Chicago, IL
  • I am taking the Pledge of Solidarity because I want to separate myself from that other pledge of allegiance to war and genocide and plunder of Africa and dehumanization of peoples throughout the world. I am taking the Pledge because I live in Philadelphia the city with one of the highest rates of incarceration, poverty and child hunger in the U.S.

    I want to add my voice to the growing movement led by African people for self-determination that calls on white people to participate in building a new type of society. This gives us a way to make reparations for the incredible cruelty and wrongs of the past and the injustices of the present and be part of a positive future for all.
    — Ruby Gittelsohn, Philadelphia, PA
  • I am taking the Pledge of Solidarity because I want to separate myself from that other pledge of allegiance to war and genocide and plunder of Africa and dehumanization of peoples throughout the world. I am taking the Pledge because I live in Philadelphia the city with one of the highest rates of incarceration, poverty and child hunger in the U.S.

    I want to add my voice to the growing movement led by African people for self-determination that calls on white people to participate in building a new type of society. This gives us a way to make reparations for the incredible cruelty and wrongs of the past and the injustices of the present and be part of a positive future for all.
    — Ruby Gittelsohn, Philadelphia, PA
  • I feel that the pigment of one's skin as well as one's heritage should not be grounds for spawning prejudice. It is deplorable the way African Americans are treated like second class citizens, though they are just as human as we (White people) are ourselves. I am taking the Pledge of Solidarity to show my support for the African people and those descended from them. I am also pledging to help spread the awareness of the continuing oppression that African Americans experience in everyday life.
    — Kathryn Wagner, St. Petersburg, FL
  • I am taking the Pledge because I have the power to stand on what is right and true!
    — Carolyn Davison, Greenville, SC
  • I am taking the Pledge because I believe in reparations to African, Indigenous, and all oppressed people worldwide. I want to live in a different kind of world and want my daughter to see that it's important for you to stand up for what you believe in.
    — Joseph Ellis, San Antonio, TX
  • I believe that African American people still suffer from the effects of slavery, Jim Crow, etc.
    — Magnolia Dawes, San Anselmo, CA
  • I am taking the Pledge in Solidarity with African People because I believe there can be no peace without reparations and justice. I want to take responsibility for what this government has done in my name to African, Indigenous and oppressed peoples around the world. I want to be part of a world without war and injustice and this is only possible when African and oppressed peoples have control of their lives, destinies, land and resources. Uhuru!
    — Penny Hess, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Solidarity with the struggles of the African people and the Uhuru movement.
    — Tyler Crawford, St. Petersburg, FL
  • The Uhuru Movement is the only organization providing concrete solutions for African people – programs, institutions and organization – in Africa and here in the U.S. "Reparations in Action" is an exciting concept – that white people can participate in this movement and turn over the stolen resources to these programs! We can be part of this movement that is changing the relationship white people have to African and other oppressed people. I'm very proud to take this Pledge, make my donation and help build the Day in Solidarity with African People event in St. Petersburg!
    — Stephanie Midler, St. Petersburg, FL
  • I took the Pledge because I'm sick and tired of the U.S. government carrying out atrocities against African and oppressed peoples in my name. I'm taking this Pledge of Solidarity with African People because I am on the side of the oppressed peoples of the world who are courageously fighting for their freedom and self-determination! That's the world I want to be a part of! Down with U.S. Imperialism, Long Live the African Revolution!
    — Jesse Nevel, St. Petersburg, FL
  • I'm taking the Pledge of Solidarity because I believe that this is the most immediate and critical way to stand on the right side of history. I unite with the struggle to replace our culture of violence, theft and exploitation with one of justice and peace.
    — Matthew Daniels, Jamaica Plain, MA
  • My comrades have already joined the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and between their words of inspiration about the work of USM and listening to Chairman Omali Yeshitela speak, I've been moved to make this Pledge and join as a member.

    The vision for justice, liberation and self-determination of African people is one that I strongly support.

    The Pledge and donation I make today for USM membership is but a drop in the bucket of reparations that African people are owed due to the centuries of slavery, oppression and exploitation at the hands of white Euro-American imperialists. I commit to volunteering my time and energy to furthering the goals of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.
    — Ben Moseley, Vermont
  • I am taking the Pledge because I cannot be blind to the fact that the white world profits off the backs of Africans and other oppressed peoples, and that the wealth gap between whites and blacks now stands at 20 to 1. This must be overturned, and this Pledge is an important part of that process.
    — Wendy Craig, San Diego, CA
  • Since African people brought civilization to the world and have always fought to build self-sustaining collective societies based on humane and positive values, I pledge my solidarity with the revolutionary African programs and strategy of the Uhuru Movement.
    — Sandy Thompson, St. Petersburg, FL

  1. Sandy Thompson – St. Petersburg, FL
  2. Wendy Craig – San Diego, CA
  3. Ben Moseley – VT
  4. Lisa Seng – Oakland, CA
  5. Michelle Stone – Oakland, CA
  6. Phoebe Liles-Wilkin – Oakland, CA
  7. Carol Brouillet – Oakland, CA
  8. Matthew Daniels – Jamaica Plain, MA
  9. Ron Smith – St. Petersburg, FL
  10. Jessica Vinson – Sarasota, FL
  11. Jesse Nevel – St. Petersburg, FL
  12. Aaron Dietrich – St. Petersburg, FL
  13. Heidi Lindner – St. Petersburg, FL
  14. Kitty Reilly – St. Petersburg, FL
  15. Mark Lambardi – St. Petersburg, FL
  16. Victoria Salazar – St. Petersburg, FL
  17. Jordan Iuliucci – St. Petersburg, FL
  18. Alexandra Delrio – St. Petersburg, FL
  19. Robin May – St. Petersburg, FL
  20. Shelby Bourgecis – St. Petersburg, FL
  21. Christian Haas – St. Petersburg, FL
  22. Mike Leggett – St. Petersburg, FL
  23. Chris Hastings – St. Petersburg, FL
  24. Phil Compton – St. Petersburg, FL
  25. Judith Lobos – Sarasota, FL
  1. Tait Mandler – Sarasota, FL
  2. Eli Packouz – Sarasota, FL
  3. Brie Mclenore – Sarasota, FL
  4. Samantha Hoskins – Sarasota, FL
  5. Brianna Brockell – Sarasota, FL
  6. Ashley Sweet – St. Petersburg, FL
  7. Justine Lopez – St. Petersburg, FL
  8. Samantha Schlaifer – St. Petersburg, FL
  9. Ben Ford – St. Petersburg, FL
  10. Drew Wallingford – St. Petersburg, FL
  11. Savannah Bryant – St. Petersburg, FL
  12. Naomi Chaney – St. Petersburg, FL
  13. Brandi Murphy – St. Petersburg, FL
  14. Trey Connor – St. Petersburg, FL
  15. Erin Robinson – St. Petersburg, FL
  16. Stephanie Midler – St. Petersburg, FL
  17. Abdul Mateen – Houston, TX
  18. Daniel Herrera-Archer – Arcata, CA
  19. Tyler Crawford – St. Petersburg, FL
  20. Penny Hess – St. Petersburg, FL
  21. Magnolia Dawes – San Anselmo, CA
  22. Chris Clement – Palm Harbor, FL
  23. Joseph Ellis – San Antonio, TX
  24. Carolyn Davison – Greenville, SC
  25. Kathryn Wagner – Greenville, SC

  1. Ruby Gittelsohn – Philadelphia, PA
  2. Kristin Gordon – Chicago, IL
  3. Feathers Scott – Dunwoody, GA
  4. Greg Busse – Bensenville, IL
  5. Harris O. Daniels – Philadelphia, PA
  6. Shaina Ward – Philadelphia, PA
  7. Taryn Ortlip – Philadelphia, PA
  8. Kate Goodman – Philadelphia, PA
  9. Calyssa – Philadelphia, PA
  10. Elizabeth Pride – Philadelphia, PA
  11. Beth Cozzolino – Philadelphia, PA
  12. Joshua Luther – Philadelphia, PA
  13. Nestor Serrano – Philadelphia, PA
  14. Kristin Gallagher – Philadelphia, PA
  15. Nicole Cronin – Philadelphia, PA
  16. Ali Jenusaitis – Philadelphia, PA
  17. Woodrow Shaffer – Philadelphia, PA
  18. Elizabeth Klein – Philadelphia, PA
  19. Margaret Topel – Philadelphia, PA
  20. Kristen Ridgeway – Philadelphia, PA
  21. Stephanie Wein – Philadelphia, PA
  22. Thomas D. Langley – Jersey City, NJ
  23. Dawson Gerhardt – Philadelphia, PA
  24. Zoe Hauser – St. Petersburg, FL
  25. Dianne Tornay – Gainesville, FL
  1. Katy Robinson – Los Angeles, CA
  2. Ruth Bridges – Gaia Festival, CA
  3. Patrick Gaskins – Gaia Festival, CA
  4. Will Parrish – Gaia Festival, CA
  5. Amanda Tierney – Gaia Festival, CA
  6. Brandy Damon – Gaia Festival, CA
  7. Tanya Alexander – Gaia Festival, CA
  8. Melissa Bishop – Gaia Festival, CA
  9. Michael Castellon – Gaia Festival, CA
  10. Miranda Maglinte – Gaia Festival, CA
  11. Ruth Bridges – Gaia Festival, CA
  12. Patrick Gaskins – Gaia Festival, CA
  13. Cate Oliver – Gaia Festival, CA
  14. Brandon Hess – Gaia Festival, CA
  15. Jerryn Fadeef – Gaia Festival, CA
  16. Michael Lewis – Gaia Festival, CA
  17. John O'Day – Gaia Festival, CA
  18. Lydia Pelin – Gaia Festival, CA
  19. Simone Ndoye – Gaia Festival, CA
  20. Sophia Battaglia – Gaia Festival, CA
  21. Ann Marie Allbright – Gaia Festival, CA
  22. Chip Moreland – Gaia Festival, CA
  23. Sam Ogren – Gaia Festival, CA
  24. Tim Kies – Gaia Festival, CA
  25. Alex Freytag – Gaia Festival, CA

  1. Cara Miller – Gaia Festival, CA
  2. Raquel Seed – Gaia Festival, CA
  3. Hidee Morris – Gaia Festival, CA
  4. Marta Sanchez – Gaia Festival, CA
  5. Sebastian Edmonds – Gaia Festival, CA
  6. Phyllis Laurie – Gaia Festival, CA
  7. Melissa Weaver – Gaia Festival, CA
  8. Joe James – Gaia Festival, CA
  9. Jerry Carlson – Gaia Festival, CA
  10. Bruce and Maria Walker – Gaia Festival, CA
  11. KC Budnik – Gaia Festival, CA
  12. Tonisha Skaton – Gaia Festival, CA
  13. Nelson Hawkins – Gaia Festival, CA
  14. Jason Augustynivak – Gaia Festival, CA
  15. William Kelly – Gaia Festival, CA
  16. Marc Davis – Gaia Festival, CA
  17. Analise LaRue – Gaia Festival, CA
  18. Arianna Sykes – Gaia Festival, CA
  19. Ellen Pandry – Gaia Festival, CA
  20. Chris Furman – Gaia Festival, CA
  21. Graham Henry – Gaia Festival, CA
  22. Patrick  Walter – Gaia Festival, CA
  23. Ezra Thomas – Gaia Festival, CA
  24. Katie Oltzinger – Gaia Festival, CA
  25. Nicholas Atleby – Gaia Festival, CA
  1. Jason Mull – Oakland, CA
  2. Dexter Hake – Oakland, CA
  3. Christina Smith – Oakland, CA
  4. Kim Cardoso – Oakland, CA
  5. Darci Pauser – Oakland, CA
  6. Ka Feallock – Oakland, CA
  7. Doug Herring – Oakland, CA
  8. Anna Belle Peterson – Oakland, CA
  9. Casey Speer – Oakland, CA
  10. Richard Steam – Oakland, CA
  11. Ariana Ansari – Oakland, CA
  12. Hayley Hall – Oakland, CA
  13. Anisha Sade – Oakland, CA
  14. Kerry – Oakland, CA
  15. Abdul El Sumeri – Oakland, CA
  16. Shannon Ikebe – Oakland, CA
  17. Ingrid Severson – Oakland, CA
  18. Susan Krasby – Oakland, CA
  19. Andrew Parkan – Oakland, CA
  20. Jorge Valencia – Oakland, CA
  21. Thom Donnolly – Oakland, CA
  22. Kiala Givehand – Oakland, CA
  23. Shawn Mansager – Oakland, CA
  24. Kingman Lim – Oakland, CA
  25. Sonia Atalla – Oakland, CA

  1. Jennifer Lee – Oakland, CA
  2. Jen Anderson – Oakland, CA
  3. Dora Christopulos – Oakland, CA
  4. Matt Swanson – Oakland, CA
  5. A. Austin – Oakland, CA
  6. Chelsea Cunningham – Oakland, CA
  7. Serena Deverin – Oakland, CA
  8. Torger Johnson – Berkeley, CA
  9. Janet and Jim Wenninger – Berkeley, CA
  10. Chris Weidenbach – Berkeley, CA
  11. Jasmine Stade – Oakland, CA
  12. Antony E. Fung – Oakland, CA
  13. Rocio Briseno – Oakland, CA
  14. Beth Hudson – Oakland, CA
  15. Julie Cowles – Oakland, CA
  16. Derek McCall – Oakland, CA
  17. Joan Lichterman – Oakland, CA
  18. Danya Winterman – Oakland, CA
  19. Ivar Diehl – Oakland, CA
  20. Amanda Bragg – U.S.
  21. Karen Jackson – Berkeley, CA
  22. Chuck Cooper – Berkeley, CA
  23. Morgan Baxter – Berkeley, CA
  24. Johann Bedingfield – St. Petersburg, FL
  25. Ginny Axtell – Oakland, CA
  1. Emmeline Gurney – Oakland, CA
  2. Joel Hamburger – Oakland, CA
  3. Beth Crawford – San Diego, CA
  4. David Scarafone – San Diego, CA
  5. John P. Falchi – San Diego, CA
  6. Jessica Lynn Vinson – St. Petersburg, FL
  7. Kate Goodman – Philadelphia, PA
  8. Tony Cochran – Grants Pass, OR
  9. Sean Carnohan – Huntington Beach, CA
  10. Daniel Kopp – Haverford, PA
  11. Samantha Gallardo – New York, NY
  12. Nicole Capobianco – New York, NY
  13. Ken Breeze – New York, NY
  14. Lisa Watson – Minneapolis, MN
  15. Catherine Mendonca – San Diego, CA
  16. DJ Kuttin Kandi – Chula Vista, CA
  17. Lynn Johnson – Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  18. Daniel Cole Duncan – Greenville, TX

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