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Africa's Resources in African Hands

I hope that everyone will boycott this very offensive movie. From what I have read it is just another vicious white nationalist attack on the Indigenous people of the Americas. It is another attempt to justify the imperialist white/Christian nation's continued assaults on the peoples of the world to maintain its parasitic system for the benefit of white people regardless of the price to the rest of humanity!

From what I have read the movie portrays the Maya people as backwards and savage, and as bloody, brutal and murderous towards each other. As anyone who looks at the TRUE history knows, it was the EUROPEANS who were violent, savage and murderous towards each other. It was the Europeans who committed genocide, atrocities and crimes against humanity against the Indigenous and African people in order to steal the land and resources and build a pedestal of prosperity for white people.

The Indigenous and African people when invaded by the Europeans were in fact welcoming and open, according to the diaries of Columbus and the conquistadores themselves. The Indigenous people had no experience--not even a vocabulary--to be able to comprehend such assaults as those inflicted on them by the Europeans--assaults such as dogs trained to eviscerate them, slow hideous methods of torture, rape, blankets infested with smallpox and outright slaughter. Within 50 years of the landing of Columbus more than half the indigenous people of the Caribbean and Central America had been wiped out!

Apparently the film also shows the Maya people as environmentally destructive to their lands! This is almost laughable. The Indigenous people carefully tended their lands and had a deep relationship with nature that is well known. The U.S. and European societies and the capitalist system are what has destroyed the environment, ruined the ozone layer, polluted the waters, destroyed the land, killed off more than half the living species, dumped toxics everywhere, etc., as a side effect of its genocide and enslavement of the majority of humanity. It is WE white people who wantonly waste the majority of the resources on the planet. One scholar (quoted in the book American Holocaust, p. 39) wrote of the Maya culture: "Here was an enviable balance, a harmony in the partnership between humanity and nature, each with a purposeful role to play."

Finally, the movie ends with scenes of the ships of the genocidal Spanish conquerers landing off the coast of South America--portrayed as the saviors!! The impending genocide of millions of Indigenous people is shown as the positive happy ending in this profoundly offensive propaganda of white power.

This is what David Stannard wrote about the Maya people in his book American Holocaust (p. 37): "The Maya... created what has to be one of the most extraordinary civilizations the world has ever known, a civilization that governed fifty or more independent states and that lasted in excess of 1000 years.

"The Maya empire stretched out over a vast land area of more than 100,000 square miles..."

One of the many wonderous Mayan cities was Tikal in Central Mexico. Stanndard writes, "Current research also is demonstrating that Tikal's population--now estimated at between 90,000 and 100,000 people--was sustained by an elaborate system of immense catchment reservoirs that may have been constructed in other lowland urban areas as well. Combined with advanced agricultural techniques that allowed Tikal's farmers to coax enormous crop yields out of raised wetland gardens, the reservoir systems probably enabled population densities in rural Maya communities to exceed 500 people per square mile...

"Many thick volumes have been written on the wonders of the Maya culture and civilization--its economic organization and trade networks, its fabulous artworks, its religion and literature, its complex calendrical and astrological systems, and more. ...Their involved writing system, combining elements of both phonetic and ideographic script... appears to have been fully expressive of the most intricate and abstract thinking and has been compared favorable to Japanese, Sumarian and Egyptian--but continues to defy complete translation."

This land belongs to the Indigenous people. Reparations to Indigenous and African people! Boycott Apocalypto and Blood Diamond, both white nationalist movies to justify the parasitic rampages of white power.

Uhuru, Penny Hess
African People's Solidarity Committee